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A Debut Children's Book
by Kristin Crowell Ellis

Lighting the way to a positive mindset for your little firefly.

Fran's mission is to change the world - one firefly family at a time.
Spread the light. Spread the positivity.
Gift a copy to the littles in your life today.

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Fly to 
The Bright Side


Kristin & Firefly Fran

“It only takes the smallest spark of positivity to change everything.”

Have you ever experienced the power of positivity? Have you wanted to share that message with the children in your lives? Well, Firefly Fran and friends have something to say. Told through the eyes of a positive little firefly named Fran, the tale shares her adventures in saving her firefly town through compassion, empathy, and positivity - no matter what she faces.

My name is Kristin Crowell Ellis, also known as The "Mindset Matters" Speech Pathologist and author of Firefly Fran's Frantastic Day. I strive to help your little fireflies achieve their big dreams by inspiring them with optimism and a "can-do" attitude.

A Prelude...

Perhaps you may have noticed in the warm month of July,

while lolling in the dusky dark, beneath the starry sky,

a shimmer over the soft green grass, alive with snails and slugs:

the bright and fiery light of the loveliest of bugs!

And have you ever wondered how they came to shine so bright

as they flip and flash and dip and dance about the quiet night? 

The answer's rather magical, so if you'd like to know

Come with me and you will see-- Ready? Set? Let's go!

In the Press
WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 04.48.01.jpeg

When a swarm of little bugs light up for the first time and discover that they’re fireflies, one spunky bug is determined to find the source of the light and make it all happen again. Her journey takes her far and wide…but is it possible that the light could have come from within all along?

Told through the eyes of Firefly Fran, this whimsical, uplifting tale shares a message about how compassion, empathy, perseverance—and above all, positivity—make anything possible. Taking inspiration from the author’s father’s success in overcoming life-altering challenges through the power of positivity, Fran is the little firefly-who-could,  boldly inspiring little fireflies-who-will!

Hindi’s Libraries Top 3 Finalist for Best Interior Illustrations and Best Picture Book Cover

Golden Wizard Book Prize recipient

Featured in Kirkus Reviews Magazine- February 15th issue (selected by Kirkus Editors)
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